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    Who am I?

    My name is Pablo Rauzy, but I also go by p4bl0, mostly when I'm not away from keyboard. I'm an associate professor of computer science at Université Paris 8 – Vincennes à Saint-Denis, where I'm teaching various topics to licence students, and security to master students. I'm a member of the LIASD laboratory, where my long-term research goal is to unify security and privacy by combining formal and offensive approaches. Apart from my life as an associate professor, I also handle sounds and lights for La Corde sensible, an awesome theater company. This is me with a giant ladle on my head, and here is a more recent picture, taken after a live public broadcast of my favorite radio show.

    Academic background

    For one year I was a post-doctoral researcher in the Inria research team Privatics, at the CITI lab in Lyon, France. There I was working with Daniel Le Métayer on formal model for privacy as control.

    Before my post-doc, I was a PhD student in the SEN research group of the COMELEC department at Telecom ParisTech. My advisor was Sylvain Guilley. I was working on formal software methods for cryptosystems implementation security, against side channel and fault injection attacks. I was also teaching at Polytech'UPMC.

    Before starting my PhD, I was studying at the Computer Science department of the École normale supérieure de la rue d'Ulm, where I graduated from the Parisian Master of Research in Computer Science.

    Before I entered Normale Sup', I've been studying Mathematics and Computer Science for two years at Luminy's Faculty for Sciences, which is a part of the University of the Mediterranean.


    My research interests lie in information security, with a focus on the preservation of privacy and thus, of freedom. More details about my research can be found on its dedicated page.

    I value hacker ethic very highly. I'm a strong supporter of free software and free culture ("free" as in "freedom"), and of the open access movement in particular. This is why I'm a member of the Free Software Foundation and the April, as well as a supporter of La Quadrature du Net and Software Freedom Conservancy. It is also why all of the research papers I write are available to anyone for free on this website or on various scientific repositories such as the IACR ePrint Archive and arXiv. If you also support open access and want to make your research available, Dissemin can help you with that.

    I also value hip hop culture a lot. I love words, language, figures of speech, and constrained writing. I listen to a lot of French rap because I believe that many of the best poets and language technicians call themselves MCs or deejays nowadays. I too, enjoy writing under the freedom of chosen constraints.

    There is a list of my favorite books and TV shows on the miscellaneous page.

    I love absurd stuff, so much that I co-founded the club Inutile with Antoine Amarilli. It is an organisation dedicated to the study, promotion, and implementation of non-trivial forms of action that achieve no results (see the rules of the Club, in French).

    Shining sun for the smile
    Some music for the vibe
    Loads of love for my tribe
    A hammock for lifestyle


    The best way to contact me is by email at either "r at uzy.me" (personal) or "pablo.rauzy at univ-paris8.fr" (work). Here is my GPG public key: 1D02C40CAFC852D2. You can also send me paper emails using the following non RFC 3696 compliant address: "Pablo Rauzy, LIASD, 2 rue de la Liberté, 93526 Saint-Denis Cedex, France", if you are this kind of hipster. At this address I live in office A164 in the building A of the Paris 8 campus. Oh, and this is what I look like.


    News & Updates


    I spent the week from 20/11 to 26/11 on @EnDirectDuLabo.

    Dictionnaire des biens communs

    PUF has released a Dictionnaire des biens communs (in French). I contributed the “publication en libre accès” (open access publishing) entry of the dictionary.

    Joining LIASD

    I've been recruited at Paris 8 university as an associate professor of computer science (more specifically on the topics of information security and privacy).

    Zite mirror

    A new zite mirror is available on the ZeroNet distributed network.

    My talk on open access to research (French)

    Les Ernest finally uploaded my May 2015 talk on open access :).

    J'ai peur (I'm afraid)

    My thoughts on the recent attack in Paris and the reactions to it.

    Joining Privatics

    I've just started my first precarious researcher job (aka postdoc), yay! I'm satisfying both my scientific and political interests by working on "formal model for privacy as control", it's pretty cool.

    Tor, I2P, and IPFS mirrors

    The Onion and EepSite mirrors of my website are back online, and a new IPFSite mirror is available on the IPFS distributed network.

    PhD defense!

    I will defend my PhD on the 13th of July at 10:30, at the ENS Ulm (room Henri Cartan).

    Ni Pigeons, Ni Espions

    I will be part of a panel discussion about the technical aspects of the "Projet de loi relatif au Renseignement", as part of the Ni Pigeons, Ni Espions event at NUMA on the 1st of June, 2015.

    Les communs de la connaissance : défense du libre accès à la recherche

    Les Ernest invited me to talk about open access.

    Avis sur le Projet de Loi Renseignement

    Mediapart asked me to write a short piece of text on the "Projet de loi relatif au Renseignement".

    Compromis entre liberté et sécurité, un exemple à taille humaine

    I gave a talk (in French) at the ENS during the « Après Janvier 2015 : s'exprimer contre la terreur » conference week. It is about the trade-off between security and privacy/liberty.

    Visiting Gilles Barthe's team at IMDEA

    I'm visting Gilles Barthe's research group at the IMDEA Software Institute in Madrid from the 12th of January until the 14th of February (2015). We will work together on formal methods and fault injection attacks.

    Research internship proposals

    We propose two research internships for M2 students: “Formal Study of a Countermeasure Against Side-Channel Attacks”, and “Protecting Elliptic Curve Cryptography Against Fault Injection Attacks”.

    Interview par MyScienceWork

    A few weeks ago I was interviewed by MyScienceWork about the implications of open access in terms of scientific dissemination (video in French, English subtitles available).

    Le libre accès à la recherche : une introduction

    Publishing a detailed introduction to the open access movement (in French).


    Launching the #everybodysaycheese operation.
    Get your free stickers!

    New website

    Publishing the new version of my website.