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    Open Access Pledge

    ⚠ NEW: Sign the No free view? No review! pledge.

    I call publisher's version the version of a publication produced by the publisher, and definitive version the last version produced by the authors (that in particular takes peer reviews into account).

    I consider as an open access (OA) venue any journal, conference, workshop, etc. that either allows self-archiving of the definitive version of articles accepted for publication by the venue with no embargo period, or is directly open access with no fees for the authors.


    I pledge that:

    • I will prioritize OA venues for article submissions.
    • I will cite OA version of articles when possible.
    • I will provide data and software sources necessary to support my articles.

    I pledge that:

    • I will only participate in the peer-review process for OA venues.
    • I will make an effort to be available to review submissions to OA venues.
    • I will only take part in the organization (as board/comittee member, chair, editor, etc.) for OA venues.

    When required to evaluate a peer, a research group, or a research project, I pledge that:

    • I will not access non-OA publications.
    • I will not give undue weight to bibliometrical values.

    I may accept to work with authors who want (or need) to submit their article to non-OA venues. In particular, I understand that PhD students, post-docs, and in general non-tenured academics may not be able to commit to OA as strongly as I do.

    When submiting to non-OA venues, I pledge that:

    • I will still upload the definitive version of the article at least to my web page, and I will not comply with any abusive requirements from the publisher such as linking to the paywalled version of the article.
    • I will not take part in the production of the publisher's version of the article, in particular I will not sign any copyright transfer form.